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Amanda Promotion Digital Stand comes with a free starting package that includes content created based on your company’s own marketing material. This allows you to start using your Amanda Digital Signage System straight away. With the Android operating system, you can also upload content on the screen directly for example from your company website. The display has a built-in Wi-Fi and 3G connection that allows you to publish and update content remotely from your own computer or mobile device.

Create and Publish Content

Our solution for publishing content is a Content Management Service, which includes a publication platform and web server space where the marketing content can be saved. With this service, you can create content by using ready themes or creating your own customized ads and manage the displaying of the content.

For example, you can pre-set the display to be automatically turned off for the night and turned on again before your store opens. This allows you to leave the display on to liven up your shop window after the store is closed while saving energy during the night.

Outsource the Content Creation to Us

Running your own business can be hectic and as you already have a million things to attend, why not let our professional marketing team create the content for you. Just rely on our team’s expertise and let them create the kind of content you want for your advertising campaigns. Our marketing specialists take care of the graphic design and realization of the campaign based on your wishes as well as upload the content on the Digital Signage.

We can also attend to the timing of displaying the content. For example, a lunch cafeteria could optimize the content displaying so that general information, such as opening hours and possible additional services, like catering service, is displayed unchanged for longer periods, the week’s menu would change weekly and the menu for each day would be shown only during the lunch time.

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