Increase Sales

By promoting your product range and current offers with a digital information or advertisement display, you can increase sales and customer satisfaction. Studies have shown that the advertisements displayed on a digital screen are remarkably more efficient in boosting sales than traditional campaign posters. According to the example case in the study, advertising certain restaurant menu items with digital signs increased their demand over three times more compared with static ads.

Improve Customer Service

Besides informing the customers about your brand and current offers, you can offer up-to-date information on product availability and possible waiting time. This way, you improve customer satisfaction, efficiency of service and at the same time reduce the workload for your employees. According to a field study by Lavi, a digital signage system was able to reduce the perceived waiting time of customers by up to 35%.

In short, investment in digital signs pays itself back fast in form of improved business and cost savings.

Save Time and Money

Digital Signage allows you to convey relevant information on your product offering to your customers in real-time. Why spend money and time on ordering pricy campaign posters when you can create campaigns on digital screens that can be modified in an instant and as often as you like? After the campaign ends, all you need to do is update the screen with a new advertisement without creating any cardboard waste.

While reducing consumption of paper and pollution caused by transportation, Amanda Promotion Digital Display itself is very energy-efficient thanks to the LED technology.

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